Best Removable battery electric scooter in India 2023

Removable battery electric scooters can be more advantageous than electric scooters, especially in India. We know India have lacking proper charging infrastructures, electric scooters with detachable batteries will decrease your dependability on charging stations. The biggest advantage of a removable battery can help you out of the worst-case situation like battery clutter. You can anywhere swap your drained or broke down battery with a fully charged one anytime you need. In this article, we will talk about the best electric scooter with a removable battery with their features.

Removable battery electric scooters
Removable battery electric scooters

Removable battery electric scooter lists With specifications And Reviews

Simple one4.4* from 247 reviews4.5* from 34 reviews
Vida V14.6 * from 101 reviews4.3* from 23 reviews
Bounce Infinity E14.3* from 129 reviews4.4* from 22 reviews
Hero Optima CX ER3.9 from 107 reviews4.1* from 42 reviews
Okinawa 1-Praise3.5* from 72 reviews4.2* from 39 reviews
Ampere Magnus3.7* from 54 reviews 3.5* from 19 reviews
iVOOMi JeetX
Raft Indus NX
Removable battery electric scooters Reviews

Simple One Electric Scooter

Battery capacity4.8kWh + 1.6kWh lithium-ion
Top speed105KMPH
Motor TypeBLDC
Motor power8500 W
Charging timeUnder 3 Hours

Hero Vida V1 Electric Scooter

Battery capacity3.94 kWh lithium-ion
Top speed80KMPH
Motor TypePMSM
Motor power6000 W
Charging time5 Hours 55 minutes

Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter

Battery capacity 1.9kWh lithium-ion
Top speed65KMPH
Motor TypeBLDC
Motor power1500 W
Charging time4 Hour

Hero Optima CX ER Electric Scooter

Range80 -140 KM/Charge
Battery capacity1.5 kWh lithium-ion
Top speed45 KMPH
Motor TypeBLDC
Motor power1200 W
Charging time4 to 5 Hours

Okinawa 1-Praise Electric Scooter

Range139 KM/Charge
Battery capacity3.3 kWh lithium-ion
Top speed58 KMPH
Motor TypeBLDC
Motor power2500 W
Charging time4 to 5 Hours

Ampere Magnus

Range121 KM/Charge
Battery capacity60V / 38.2 Ah lithium-ion
Top speed50 KMPH
Motor TypeBLDC
Motor power2100 W
Charging time6 to 7 Hours

iVOOMi Energy’s JeetX – Rs 99,999

Range115 KM/Charge
Battery capacity2 kWh lithium-ion
Top speed70 KMPH
Motor TypeBLDC
Motor power1500 W
Charging time5 Hour

Raft Indus NX

Range450+ KM/Charge claimed
Battery capacity9.6 kWh ion-phosphate🔋
Top speed70+ KMPH
Motor TypeBLDC
Motor power1500 W
Charging time3 Hour


So these are the top Removable battery electric scooter in India. Now choose the best one as per your need. But You must do your research before deciding to purchase a new electric scooter.

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