Best Top-Speed Electric Scooters In India 2023

Electric Scooters are increasingly popular in India. Some of them are long-range and some of them are top-speed. This article is dedicated to those people who like fast electric two-wheelers.

Best Top-Speed Electric Scooters In India 2023

Electric ScooterTop Speed
Ola S1 Pro116 KMPH
Simple One105KMPH
Ola S195KMPH
Ather 45090KMPH
Ola S1 Air90KMPH
Vida V180KMPH

Ola S1 Pro

Ola S1 Pro electric scooter comes at no.1 in this list with 116 km per hour of maximum speed. Not only just speed but range is also an attractive feature of the Ola S1 Pro electric scooter. Ola S1 Pro has a maximum range of 181 km per charge but as per the company claim the actual range of the Ola S1 Pro electric scooter is 135 km per charge. Ola S1 Pro can charge in 6 hours and 30 minutes with a 750 Watts portable charger. One more interesting feature of Ola S1 is that it supports fast charging and covers 75 km of charging in just 18 minutes.


  • I make these pros based on the Real Experience of electric scooter owners that I find on
  • Ola S1 Pro is one of the longest-range electric scooters in India with a 181 km impressive range on a single charge.
  • The S1 Pro has impressive acceleration and can go from 0 to 60 km in just 4.5 seconds.
  • The Ola S1 pro has a 4-kilowatt battery which allows users to go on long rides without worrying about charging.
  • The Ola S1 Pro build quality is excellent and with its sleek design looks good on the road.
  • The Ola S1 Pro comes with smart features including a digital speedometer, trip meter fast charging, and mobile connectivity.


  • 1,25,000 price is higher side of the Ola S1 Pro, which can be a worrying factor for budget-conscious people.
  • The limited availability of service centers in some areas is also could be a concern for potential buyers.
  • Long-term durability and reliability are yet to be fully evoluted
  • Some S1 Pro buyers have reported loose panels and rattling noises which could be a sign of bad build quality.

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Simple One Electric Scooter

With a maximum speed of 105 km per hour, the Simple One electric scooter makes its place Number 2 on this list. Simple one has 2 variants Simple one STD, and simple one extra range. Simple One’s extra range makes me remember it’s super impressive range which is 300+ km/charge. This super range makes it India’s longest-range electric scooter. Simple one equipped with 4.6kW+1.6kW battery. The simple One inbuilt battery can fully charge in 3 hours and 26 minutes while the swap-able battery takes 75 minutes to get a full charge. It also supports fast charging.


  • The Simple One electric scooter has a good battery performance with a 236km range on a single charge.
  • Aluminum made it lightweight and easy to control.
  • Comfortable for Indian roads cause of better suspension.
  • The price is affordable if we compare it with other electric scooters in this segment.
  • Better Acceleration and driving experience.
  • Better display cause of smart connectivity.


  • Some people have reported a problem with its plastic body parts which is not fit properly.
  • Less charging infrastructure is an issue in India.
  • Delivery waiting may be longer than expected.
  • Some people think its design could be improved.

Ola S1

8500 watts Mid drive IPM motor offers up to 95 KMPH top speed which kept this electric scooter at 3rd place in this list. Ola S1 electric scooters have two variants – Ola S1 2kWh, and Ola S1 3kWh. The Ola S1 price starts from 99,999 and goes to 1,14,999. The electric scooter is also available on EMI at an interest rate of 9.7%. The average charging time is 5 hours for both variants. The Ola S1 has a range of 128km on a single charge.


  • Users review that Ola S1 electric scooter gives a nice mileage of up to 100km on a single charge.
  • Advanced features such as a touchscreen display, app connectivity, Google map, reverse mode, and sound system enhanced the overall driving experience.
  • Ola S1 was praised for having a good performance by users including good experience, top speed, and comfortable driving experience.
  • The Ola S1 has a sleek design which makes it visually appealing to riders.
  • Some users praised Ola S1 for less maintenance which can be a cost-saving benefit.


  • Some users complained about high pricing compared to other electric scooters in this segment.
  • Some users suggest that build quality need to be improved.
  • Charging time is not good according to some users which can be inconvenient for ev buyer.
  • A few users complained about the range, which says it doesn’t meet the expectation of claimed range.
  • Some users complaint about bad customer support.

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Ather 450 X

Ather 450X price starts from 90,080 and offers a top speed of 90KMPH. After 450 comes in two variants – 450 X STD, and 450 X with pro pack. Ather 450 X can fully charge in 5 hours and 40 minutes of charging. Ather 450 comes with a double-disc front brake and a rear disc brake. Ather 450 is equipped with a 3.7kWh battery that offers a 146km long range on a single charge. Ather 450 is equipped with advanced features which include a digital speedometer, digital trip meter, blue tooth, and WIFI connectivity.


  • Ather 450 X support fast charging and can charge 80% in just 50 minutes of charging. Which is a great aspect of Ather 450 electric scooters.
  • Ather 450 X emits zero pollution and reduces carbon footprint which makes it an eco-friendly option for two-wheeler lovers.
  • Electric scooters have fewer parts than petrol scooters which makes it cost-effective to operate.
  • The scooter offers a range of 85 km/charge which is suitable for most urban commutes
  • Ather 450 is filled with smart features such as a touchscreen display, and mobile connectivity that increase the driving experience.
  • The electric scooter provides quiet and smooth rides which decrease the noise pollution.
  • Ather 450 X’s sleek and modern design makes it visually appealing on the road.


  • Price could be a worry for some buyers as it is one of the most expensive electric scooters in India.
  • Some buyers complained that the range of 85 km at such a high price is not sufficient.
  • In some areas, the infrastructure of fast charging may be limited which can affect the convenience of fast charging.

Ola S1 Air

Ola S1 Air comes in three variants which have different battery options such as 2kWh, 3kWh, and 4kWh. The price starts from 84,999 and goes to 1,09,999 INR, however, the price depends on various factors such as place, The 4.5kW peak motor power provides a top speed of 85 KMPH which is quite impressive. 4kWh battery pack offers a range of 101 km on a single charge.

TVS iQube

TVS iQube electric has three variants in which the latest variant is TVS iQube ST which was first showcased at Auto Expo 2023 in January. IQube electric scooter on road price starts from 1,67,130 and goes to 1,72,123. The latest variants’ on-road prices are to be expected around 1,25,000. The electric scooter is powered by 4800 watts electric motor that provides a top speed of 82KMPH. TVS iQube have a 3.04kWh battery that offers a range of 75km/charge.

Hero Vida 1

Vida V1 electric scooter comes in two variants – Vida V1 Plus, Vida V1 Pro. The price for Vida V1 Plus is 1,28,000 in Delhi while the price of Vida V1 Pro is 1,39,000. The top variants have a powerful motor that offers a top speed of 80KMPH. The Vida V1 top variants offer an impressive range of 161km on a single charge. Vida V1 can charge in 5 hours and 55 minutes and also support fast charging which is plus point for the Vida V1 electric scooter.


So these are the Best top-rated electric scooters available In India. All these electric scooters have their quality and drawbacks so it is highly advisable to read reviews and opinions of others vehicles buyers. I have given some reviews here but you can visit BikeDekho for more reviews from ev buyer,

FAQ About Electric Scooters

Which is the highest-speed electric scooter in India?

Best highest-speed electric scooters –
Ola S1 Pro – 116 km
Simple One – 105km
Ola S1 – 95km
Ather 450 – 90km
Ola S1 Air – 90km
TVS iQube – 82km
Vida V1 – 80km.

Which is the best selling electric scooters in India January 2023?

Best selling electric scooters are –

Arher 450 X – 146km/charge
TVS iQube – 75km/charge
Ola S1 – 128km/charge

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