Central Government Subsidy for Electric Vehicles in India

Check out the Government Subsidy for Electric vehicles to buy electric vehicles in India. The State Government also provides the EVs incentives. In this article, we will also cover the Central government subsidies for electric vehicles in India.

Indian Government wants to cut 45% of carbon emissions by 2030. To complete this goal Central and State Governments provide Government subsidy for electric vehicles at their level.

Central Government Subsidy For Electric Vehicles (FAME)

Central Government Subsidy For Electric Vehicles In India
Image Credit – Ola

As I told you above Indian government wants to cut 45% of carbon emissions by 2030, to complete this task Indian Government working on it at its level best. To achieve this goal Government working fast to stop the usage of petrol and diesel vehicles and turn them towards electric vehicles. But for many people Getting access to expensive Electric vehicles is a difficult task.

So the government provides a subsidy directly and indirectly to those people and also introduced a scheme called Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (FAME). FAME was formed under the National Mission of Electric Mobility 2011/ National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 which was unveiled in 2013.

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Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles Scheme

For Fame, the Central Government introduced this in two phases. Which looks something like this:

  1. In the first phase, the registration fee for purchasing Electric Vehicles has been reduced to zero.
  2. in the second phase, the GST was reduced from 12 % to 5% on electric vehicle purchasing.


The first phase (FAME |) was scheduled for 2 years from 1 APRIL 2015 to 2017 but after 2017, it was extended for a further two years to 2019. During this period, the fund was distributed to vehicles with different categories like Mild Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Strong Hybrid, pure electric technology, and battery specification.

359 crore amount was spent on 137 models of electric vehicles from 2015 to 2019. Moreover, 520 charging stations were also constructed in cities including Bangalore, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Delhi. Under this, the Indian government invested ₹322 crore in electric transportation, purchasing 425 new buses for cleaner urban travel in various states of India.


The budget allocated for this phase was 10,000 crores for 7000 electric buses (e-bus), 5 Lakh electric 3-wheelers (e-3W), 10 Lakh electric 2-wheelers (e-2W), 55,000 electric 4-wheeler passenger cars (including strong hybrid) (e-4W), and including electric charging stations for 3 years from 31 March 2019 – 31 March 2022 according to plan.

This phase was extended for another 2 years up to 2024 after being successful. During this period, the two-wheeler subsidy increased from Rs.10,000 per kWh to Rs. 15,000 per kWh. The incentive cap was revised from a fixed amount of Rs. 10,000 per kWh to a flexible cap of 40% of the ex-showroom price of the vehicle.

This scheme was only applicable to electric vehicles with advanced chemistry batteries. These batteries typically offer higher energy density and longer range compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. The scheme also had minimum technical criteria that participating vehicles needed to meet, ensuring a certain level of quality and performance.

Electric vehicles eligible for this scheme had to be registered as motor vehicles under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR). The incentives offered under this scheme are:

VehicleTotal Approximate incentivesApproximate Size of Battery
2-wheelerRs.15,000 per kWh2kWh
3-wheelerRs.10,000 per kWh5kWh
4-wheelerRs.10,000 per kWh15kWh
E-BusRs.20,000 per KWH250kWh
E-TruckRs.20,000 per kWh
Chart of Government Subsidy for Electric Vehicles

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Top Upcoming Electric Scooters in India for 2024-2025: Budget Price

Top 11 Upcoming Electric Scooters In India: 2024 is going to be awesome for electric scooter lovers because Honda, Suzuki, Hero, and more new companies are going to launch new electric scooters for 2024-25. Here I will talk about the Top Upcoming Electric Scooters in India for 2024-2025 with expected launch dates and prices.

These scooters have many new features which are not available in any current e-scooters so this is a good opportunity for buying an electric scooter where you will find some very good features like a digital console, ABS, and many more.

Upcoming Electric Scooters In India 2024-25

The lists of Top Upcoming Electric Scooters In India for 2024-25 are very long and include LML Star and Honda Activa Electric with advanced features. Hero Xoom 125 is also included in those top Upcoming Electric Scooter lists. Here we go:

LML Star

LML Star is an electric scooter from LML and offers many advanced features such as a digital console, Odometer, speedometer, and others. This electric scooter will start at 1,00,000. LML Star’s expected launch date is March 2024. LML Star may be the first to launch the upcoming electric scooters.

Estimated PriceRs. 1 Lakh onwards
Tyre TypeTubeless
Expected LaunchMar, 2024
On Road PriceReasonable

Honda Activa Electric

Honda Activa Electric is the most awaited electric scooter in the upcoming electric scooter market because of its reputation in the market. This electric scooter’s expected price could be from ₹1,00,000 to ₹1,20,000. If we talk about the launch date it can be launched in March 2024.

Expected LaunchMarch 2024
Expected Price Range₹1,00,000 to ₹1,20,000
Similar BikesiVOOMi Jeet X, Bounce Infinity E1, OLA S1 Air
BrakesFront and Rear
Color OptionsNot available

Lectrix EV LXS G 3.0

Lectric EV LXS G 3.0 is also one of those Upcoming Electric Scooters that elevates your ride with advanced features and offers a range of 80 to 105 km on a single charge. This scooter’s top speed is 60km/h.

FeatureLectrix EV LXS G 3.0
Range (km/charge)80-105
Max Range (km/charge)
Top Speed (km/h)60
Motor Power (kW)2.2
Motor TypeBLDC
Front BrakeDrum
Rear BrakeDrum
Weight108 kg
ColoursSparkle Black, Pearl White, Sporty Red, Ash Grey, Magic Blue, Matt Military Green

Numeros Diplos Pro

Numeros Diplos Pro is also part of Upcoming Electric Scooters, and it comes with a 3.7kWh lithium-ion battery pack that offers 140 km long range on a single charge. Numeros Diplos Pro is single single-variant which will come in grey. Display Pro has disc brakes on the front and rear wheels.

FeatureNumeros Diplos Pro
Range (km/charge)140
Battery Capacity (kWh)3.7
Top Speed (km/h)63
Motor Power (kW)4
Motor TypeBLDC
Front BrakeDisc
Rear BrakeDisc

Numeros Diplos i-pro

FeatureNumeros Diplos i-pro
Range (km/charge)140
Battery Capacity (kWh)3.7
Top Speed (km/h)63
Motor Power (kW)4
Motor TypeBLDC
Front BrakeDisc
Rear BrakeDisc
ColourAnthracite Grey

Suzuki Burgman Electric

Body TypeElectric Scooters
Expected LaunchApril 2024
Estimated PriceRs. 1.20 Lakh*
MotorElectric (details not yet available)
BatteryDetails not yet available
RangeDetails not yet available
Top SpeedDetails not yet available
BrakesFront and rear brakes (details not yet available)
ColoursDetails not yet available

Gogoro CrossOver

PriceRs. 1.20 Lakh* (estimated)
Expected LaunchMay 2024
Range150 km/charge
Kerb Weight126 kg
Motor Power7 kW
BrakesDouble Disc

Note: The price mentioned is an estimate and the actual price may vary depending on location and taxes

Vespa Elettrica

PriceRs. 90,000* (estimated)
Colours0 (information not available)
Expected LaunchJune 2024
Range100 km/charge
Top Speed70 km/h
Motor Power3.6 kW
Motor TypeDC Motor
BrakesDisc (front), Drum (rear)
Tyre TypeTubeless

TVS iQube

PriceRs. 1.25 Lakh* (estimated)
Expected LaunchJune 2024
Charging Time (0-80%)4 hours 6 minutes
Range145 km/charge
Battery Capacity5.1 kWh
Kerb Weight128 kg
Top Speed82 km/h
Motor Power4.4 kW

Yamaha Neo’s

PriceRs. 2.50 Lakh* (estimated)
Expected LaunchAugust 2024
Colours0 (information not available)
Body TypeElectric Bikes
MotorElectric (details not yet available)
BatteryDetails not yet available
RangeDetails not yet available
Top SpeedDetails not available
BrakesFront and rear brakes (details not yet available)

drive_spreadsheetExport to Sheets

Note: The Yamaha Neo’s is not yet launched and the specifications mentioned above are based on estimates and leaks. The actual specifications may differ.

Gogoro 2 Series

PriceRs. 1.50 Lakh* (estimated)
Colours2 (Graphite Grey, Icy Grey)
Expected LaunchNovember 2024
Range170 km/charge
Kerb Weight122 kg
Motor Power7 kW
BrakesDouble Disc
Tyre TypeTubeless

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Honda Reveals New Details on 2024 CR-V Powered by Hydrogen

Electric cars have dominated the eco-friendly vehicles market, and hydrogen fuel cell technology presents an alternative. The Hydrogen powered car CR-V, offering advantages like faster refueling times and longer range compared to some electric vehicles.

While the CR-V Hydrogen represents a important step forward, but the lack of infrastructure is an issue we should take into account. The infrastructure for hydrogen refueling stations is still the problem in many regions this limiting its widespread adoption compared to electric vehicles. Additionally, the long-term viability and cost-effectiveness of hydrogen technology are still being evaluated.

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Honda Unveils Hydrogen powered Car CR-V

Honda is preparing to launch its fuel cell vehicle, based on the popular CR-V technology in North America and Japan in 2024. This eco-friendly SUV boasts of a hydrogen powered drivetrain co-developed with GM for sustainability.

The CR-V Hydrogen has a clever layout with two hydrogen tanks mounted at the rear. An intelligent power unit under the seats and a combined fuel cell and drive unit under the hood. Although details about the battery are scarce, it appears to be primarily for supplemental purposes. Additionally, the charger also has a power export functional potentially allowing you to power external devices on the go.

Honda Shows First Image of CR-V Fuel Cell, Arriving This Year

Honda CR-V
Source | Google – Honda
  • Exterior: Familiar CR-V shape, some changes at the front end (new grille, headlights)
  • Inside: Revolutionary powertrain, a blend of hydrogen cells and electric motors
  • Features: Plug-in capability, battery pack for additional electric range
  • Availability: In the US in late 2023, initially probably only in California

Why Is This Car Special?

  • Eco-Friendly: Hydrogen cell, clean energy, releases water
  • Modern: plug-in capability, greater flexibility
  • Powerful: Electric motor, better performance

When and Where You Get This Car?

  • Late 2024: In the US, and Japan.
  • Initially probably only in California: due to lack of hydrogen fueling stations

How Will This car Change Transportation In The Future?

  • Cleaner and more sustainable transport: hydrogen cell technology
  • More efficient and powerful: electric motor
  • More convenient: plug-in capability

Why Might This Car Be Important To You?

  • Clean Environment: Less Pollution
  • Modern Technology: Better Driving Experience
  • Low fuel costs: Hydrogen fuel could be economical
  • This car is still in development, but it’s an exciting prospect for the future of transportation.

How Does This Car Work?

  • This car runs on hydrogen and electricity.
  • Hydrogen cell converts hydrogen into electricity.
  • This electricity drives the electric motor, which propels the car.
  • The car also has a battery that provides additional electric range.

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TVS Electric Scooter Price 2024

Harley Davidson Street 750 | Harley 750 Price In India

India’s Motorcycle history took a turn in August 2019 When India’s first BS6-compliant motorcycle Harley-Davidson Street 750 hit the street. Harley Davidson Street 750 price in India starts from ₹4,69,00. But sadly, both the Street 750 and its sportier sibling the Street Rod being discontinued globally.

For long-time enthusiasts, this news might be stung. However, you can buy Old Street 750 in the market. This discontinuation also raises questions about Harley’s future in India. However, you can buy Old Street 750 in the market. Will they replace the Street with a similar machine? Will they focus on larger bikes catering to a different segment? Only time will tell.

Engine And Brakes

A very powerful engine has been used in it. Due to this, it gives very good mileage. So if we talk about the engine, a 749 cc double-cylinder liquid-cooled engine has been added to it. With the help of this, it generates a torque of 60 Nm, and can also generate a power of 47 BHP. Apart from this, both disc brakes and dual channel ABC have been added to their wheels.

Harley Davidson Street 750 Mileage

  • Glide through city streets with an impressive 24.99 kmpl, and 27.6 kmpl on highway, extending your adventures further.
  • This bike made a balance between fuel economy and fun. Expect an average of 25 kmpl, letting you explore farther without frequent gas station.
  • Harley Davidson street 750 can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in just 6.59 seconds.
  • Drive through traffic with confidence. The impressive acceleration of this bike is a joy.

Key Specs & Features of Street 750

Engine Capacity749CC
Fuel Tank Capacity13.1 L
Transmission6 Speed Manual
Kerb Weight233Kg
Seat Hight720mm

Harley Davidson Street 750 price in India

Let’s talk about the Harley Davidson Street 750 price. Davidson Street 750 starting price is around 4,69,000 (Ex-showroom) and the on-road price of this bike is approximately 5,34,164.

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Earth Energy EV Bikes

Earth Energy is an Indian electric vehicle manufacturer that offers a range of electric motorcycles and scooters. Earth Energy EV Bikes Prices in India start at 95,000 for the Glyde Plus, and it’s the cheapest model from Earth Energy’s two-wheeler company.

The most expensive Earth Energy EV bike is the Evolve R priced at Rs 1.42 Lakh. The Evolve Z is another electric bike from Earth Energy. You can check the specs and features here in the detailed article. Here’s a breakdown of their most popular models:

Earth Energy EV Bikes Price List 2024 In India

ModelsEx-showroom Price Range
Earth Energy EV Evolve R1.42 Lakh Onword 100 Km/charge
Earth Energy EV Glyde Plus95,000 Onward 100 Km/charge
Earth Energy EV Evolve Z1.30 Lakh Onward100 Km/charge

Earth Energy EV Bikes Price In India

Earth Energy EV Glyde Plus

  • Price: 95,000
  • Features: 52 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, 90 km/h top speed, range of 85 km
Earth energy ev bikes

Earth Energy EV Evolve Z

  • Price: 1.30 lakh
  • Features: 72 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, 95 km/h top speed, range of 110 km

Earth Energy EV Evolve R

  • Price: 1.42 lakh
  • Features: 72 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, 110 km/h top speed, range of 130 km

Key Highlights Of Earth Energy EV Bikes

Popular ModesEarth Energy EV Glyde Plus, Earth Energy EV Evolve Z, Earth Energy EV Evolve R
Most Affordable Earth Energy EV Glyde Plus (95,000)
Most Expensive Earth Energy EV Evolve R (1.42lakh)
Fuel TypeElectric


Which are the most popular Earth Energy EV Bikes available in India?

The most popular Earth Energy EV bikes are Glyde Plus, Evolve R, and Evolve Z available in India starting price at 95,000.

Which is the highest-priced bike in Earth Energy EV?

Earth Energy EV Evolve R is the most expensive electric bike starting price at 1.42 lakh.

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Long Range Electric Scooters In India 2024

Gogoro pulse electric scooter price 2023

Revamp Moto RM Buddie 25

Revamp Moto RM Buddie 25
Image Credit | Google – Revamp moto

About Revamp Moto RM Buddie 25

Hey friends Are you looking to buy an electric scooter the Revamp Moto RM Buddie 25 from Revamp Moto is one of those options available in the market. This is the single variant electric scooter that comes with a 250 W electric Motor.

Revamp Moto RM 25 02 upcoming B2B utility electric scooter, Priced at ₹55,000 (ex-showroom), focuses on utility rather than speed, offering a practical range of 75km and a top speed of 25 kmph. It’s Perfect for last-mile deliveries and other short commutes, doesn’t need any registration, and can be used for commercial purposes.

Key Specs and Features of RM Buddie 25

Charging Time (0 – 80%)2 hours 15 minutes
Range70 KM/Charge
Kerb Weight60 – 65 KG
Top Speed25KMPH
Battery Warranty 3 Years
Motor Power250 W

Revamp Moto RM Buddie 25

The price for Revamp Moto RM Buddie 25 starts at 69000 in India. RM Buddie 25 comes in a Single Variant The Revamp Moto RM Buddie 25 STD which comes at a price ₹69,000.

RM Buddie 25 Price

The Ex-showroom price of RM Buddie in Delhi is ₹69,000. The on-road price is ₹73,600 which includes the Ex-showroom price, RTO charges, insurance, and other costs.

Revamp Moto RM Buddie 25 STD

Ex-showroom price₹69,000
On Road Price ₹73,600

RM Buddie 25 Specifications

Range 75 Km/charge
Motor Type BLDC Motor
Motor Power250 W
Charging Time3 Hours
Body TypeElectric Scooter
Front Brake Drum
Rear BrakeDrum

Revamp Moto RM Buddie 25 Features

Speedo meter Digital
Tripmeter Digital
Charging pointsAvailable

RM Buddie 25 Colors

The Revamp Buddie 25 comes in 5 color options. Click Here

Compare RM Buddie 25 With Competitors

Bike RangeRM Buddie 25S1xWynnInfinity E1+ZingZoom
Showroom Price₹69,999₹79,999₹55,555₹89,999₹71,990₹75,100
Range75 Km/charge190 Km/charge85Km/charge100Km/charge100Km/charge
Battery Capacity 4kWh1.9kWh
Max speed25Kmph90Kmph25Kmph65Kmph45Kmph40Kmph

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Brisk EV Origin Pro: Comes with an impressive range of 333 km

Brisk EV Origin Pro
Image Source – Instagram

Brisk EV, a Hyderabad-based electric scooter company introduced the longest-range electric scooter Origin Pro. Brisk EV Origin Pro will have a range of 333 KM which will be the longest-range electric scooter in India, and will solve your range anxiety problem.

Brisk EV Origin Pro: Performance

Motor Power: Origin pro comes with a 4.8kWh battery pack that offers a whooping 5.5 W power.

Top speed: 85KMPH – Origin Pro offering exiting performance for riders who want a weekend adventure.

Acceleration of 0 – 40 km in 3.3 seconds – this quick acceleration allow for nimble maneuvering in traffic and confident overtaking.

Range 333 KM – this Impressive range allows for long distance travel without worrying about frequent charging.

Brisk EV Origin Pro: Key Features

Instrument Cluster: Brisk EV equipped with an instrument cluster with a 7-inch premium high-definition screen with a quick response system.

Two Battery Options: you can choose between a fix 4.8kWh or a combination of a fixed 4.8 kWh and a removable 2.1 kWh battery for a taste change.

Advanced Features

  • Digital screen connectivity: Origin Pro offers a touch-enabled digital display with Bluetooth connectivity for update and other features.
  • OTA Update: It helps to you tackle software issue remotely without need to go to the service center.
  • LED lights, alloy wheels, disc brakes, push-button start, keyless entry: these features are all present in the One, enhancing its style and functionality.

Origin Pro Price, And Launch Date

Origin Pro’s expected price is ₹1,20,00 – ₹1,40,000 This price includes Electric Vehicle Incentives. For actual price we have to wait until its launch in the EV market. The expected launch date is the end of this year.


Longest-range Indian scooter (333km) tackles range anxiety. Powerful 5.5kW motor & 0-40km in 3.3sec for zippy rides. Choice of 2 batteries (fixed 4.8kWh or combined 4.8kWh+2.1kWh).


What is the range of Brisk EV Origin Pro?

333 KM Impressive range allows for long distance travel without worrying about frequent charging.

What is the top speed of Origin Pro?

Origin Pro offering Top speed of 85KMPH for riders who want a weekend adventure.

Amo Brisk Electric Scooter Price 2024 | AMO Electric Brisk 2024

AMO Brisk Electric is an electric scooter making waves in India with its budget-friendly price tag and focus on practicality. Here’s a quick mention of what it offers:

Price: Starting at Rs. 66,000, the Brisk boasts affordability compared to many electric scooters in the market.

Variants: Currently available in a single variant, offering a simple and straightforward choice for buyers.

Amo Brisk Electric Scooter Price, Range

Amo Electric Brisk

  • Budget-friendly: Starting price attracts cost-conscious consumers.
  • Practical design: Lightweight and maneuverable for city commutes.
  • Range options: 75 KM or 100 KM+ caters to different commuting needs.

AMO Brisk Specification

Amo brisk electric scooter
Image credit | Google – AMO Mobility
Power249 W
Charging Speed6 Hours

AMO Electric Brisk Price

Amo electric brisk starts at Rs. 66,000, the brisk is available in single variants Brisk STD.

AMO Electric Brisk Price In Delhi

Ex-showroom priceRS. 66,000
InsuaranceRS. 35,36
RTO+Other chargesNA
On Road PriceRs. 69,635
Brisk STDRS. 69,635
EMIRS. 19,01

AMO Brisk Electric Key Features

  • Push button starts for effortless operation.
  • Tubeless tires for reduced puncture hassles.
  • Sleek alloy wheels for a modern aesthetic.

Safety Features

This scooter comes with safety features that for your confidence.

  • Anti-lock braking system (EABS)
  • Speed Control Switch
  • Anti-theft Alarm
  • Centralized locking system.
  • Engine On/Off switch
  • Side stand sensor.

Performance Enhancing Features


Power 249 W
Grade Ability 18 Degree
Motor TypeBrushless DC Motor

AMO Electric Scooter Battery price

AMO Electric does not explicitly list the price of its scooter batteries on its website. This suggests that the batteries are likely not sold separately and are instead replaced as part of the scooter’s service or warranty.

Amo Electric Brisk Color

Amo Electric comes in two different colors which will suit your personality.

Image | Google – AMO Mobility


Which country made the AMO electric scooter?

AMO Electric Bikes manufacturing in India.

Who is the owner of AMO electric scooter?

The noida-based company founder and MD Mr. Shushant Kumar.

What is the speed of the AMO electric scooter?

AMO Electric scooter’s top speed is 25KMPH.

Which electric scooter gives 300 km range?

Brisk EV’s Origin Pro will be the longest-range electric scooter in India. Vehicle speed would be 333 KM. The company soon launch this electric scooter.

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Kinetic Green to Revive Luna In Electric Avtar Today

The expected price for Kinetic Luna Electric is Rs 70,000 - Rs 75,000 and it will be available in both B2B and B2C configurations.

Remember the beloved Luna moped that ran on Indian streets in the 70s and 80s? Get ready for an old memory ride with a modern twist – the Electric Luna. This electric model hits Delhi streets on February 7th, bringing back the classic design with eco-friendly technology.

E-Luna: Key Points

Kinetic green e-luna
  • Reservations start: January 26, 2024
  • Launch date: February 2024
  • Aiming for: 1 lakh units sold in FY 2024-25
  • Highly indigenous: Built in India (except battery cells)
  • Resurgence of a legend: Electric version of the iconic Luna moped.
  • Over 50 years later: Bringing back the Luna brand with a sustainable twist.

What to expect for kinetic Green E-Luna

Estimated at Rs 71,000-75,000, the e-Luna aims to be a budget-friendly choice for individuals and businesses alike. Ditch the fumes and noise. The electric motor offers a clean and quiet ride, reducing your carbon footprint.

Retaining the classic Luna design, the e-Luna is lightweight and maneuverable, perfect for daily commutes. With a 50 kmph top speed and 100km-150km range options (2/3 kWh battery), it caters to delivery personnel, offering efficiency and reach.

Supporting local manufacturing, everything but the battery cells is built in India.

Beyond the basics

For young people who like the old style, young men who want to save money, and environment-friendly companies, the Electric Luna is for you all. Kinetic Green thinks they can sell 100,000 of them next year because they believe so many people will like it.

Over 1,500 electric Lunas are already delivering stuff and seems that people love them. Do you want to try this cool mix of old-school style and modern electric power? We will let you know soon when you can get your e-Luna and how it rides. It might be the perfect fun and eco-friendly ride for you, and reminding you of the good old days.

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TVS Electric Scooter Price In Bangalore 2024, Range, Charging Time wow

TVS iQube and TVS X are the two top TVS Electric scooters in India. TVS iQube price starts from 1.17 lakh (Ex-showroom price), and TVS X Ex-showroom price is 2.49 lakh.

TVS iQube STD starts at ₹1,55,553 and goes up to ₹1,47,968 on-road in Bangalore after considering government subsidies and other charges.

TVS iQube S starts slightly higher at ₹1,62,090 but reaches an on-road price of ₹1,53,908 in Bangalore.

The top-end TVS iQube X comes with a starting price of ₹2,49,990, translating to an on-road price of ₹2,35,987 in Bangalore.

TVS Electric Scooter

What Is The TVS Electric Scooters Price In Bangalore

City BangloreTVS iQube STDTVS iQube STVS X STD
Fame 2 Subsidy₹21,131₹22,065₹35,623
On Road Price₹1,47,968₹1,53,908₹2,35,987

Key Highlight of TVS Electric Scooter iQube

Riding Range 100 KM
RTO ₹6,835
Insurance ₹6,711
On Road Price ₹1,47,968

Key Highlight Of TVS Electric Scooter X

Riding Range 140 KM
RTO ₹10,075
Insurance ₹ 11,545
On Road Price ₹ 2,35,987

TVS Electric Scooter Price In kolkata


  • Starts at Rs 1,48,833 for the base model.
  • Top-end variant costs Rs 1,54,547 on-road in Kolkata.


  • Comes in 2 versions and 7 colors.
  • Sold at 9 TVS showrooms in Kolkata.
  • Starts from Rs 5,106 through EMI options.
  • Monthly payment:


  • Consider OLA S1 Pro (starting at Rs 1,47,499), Bajaj Chetak (starting at Rs 1,15,002), or Ather 450X (starting at Rs 1,60,959).
City Kolkata TVS iQube STDTVS iQube STVS X STD
Fame 2 Subsidy₹21,131₹22,065₹35,623
On Road Price₹1,48,833₹1,54,547₹2,33,662

Key Highlight of TVS iQube

Riding Range 100 KM
RTO ₹7,750
Insurance 6,611
On Road Price 1,48,833

Key Highlight Of TVS X

Riding Range 140 KM
RTO ₹7,750
Insurance ₹11,545
On Road Price ₹2,33,662


What is the price of TVS electric scooter?

The price of TVS electric scooters in Bangalore depends on the model you choose:

TVS iQube STD: On-road price starts at ₹1,47,968 in Bangalore.

TVS iQube S: On-road price starts at ₹1,53,908 in Bangalore.

TVS iQube X: On-road price starts at ₹2,35,987 in Bangalore.

What is the range of iQube 150 km?

Forget the range of Anxiety and focus on a whopping 145 long range after a full charge of iQube 150.

What is the life of battery in TVS electric scooter?

The life of the battery of the iQube electric scooter is 75,000 km.

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