How to Add Loan Calculator on Blogger

In this post we will learn how to add loan Calculator on Blogger. To add loan calculator first you need a HTML code or a loan calculator script. Once you got this code or script now you have to go your blog post and turn the page into HTML view. Now you have to paste this script on your blog post and your loan calculator is ready. Below I have given all the necessary steps to add loan calculator. So let’s start. So lets start.

Add Loan Calculator on Blogger

Go to Your Blogger

Add loan calculator on blogger

Create a Post

For create the post click the three icon botton upper left corner of the website see pic above and than click new post. See pic below

Copy And Paste The HTML Code

Now Give the title “Loan Calculator” to your blog post.

Now Click the pencil button below the title then click the HTML view button see pic below

Copy the html code below and then paste it on your post see the pic below the HTML code.


<div class="emi-calculator">  <h2>EMI Calculator</h2>  <label for="principal">Loan Amount:</label>  <input type="number" id="principal" placeholder="Loan Amount">  <br>  <label for="rate">Interest Rate:</label>  <input type="number" id="rate" placeholder="Interest Rate">  <br>  <label for="tenure">Loan Tenure (in years):</label>  <input type="number" id="tenure" placeholder="Loan Tenure">  <br>  <button onclick="calculateEMI()">Calculate EMI</button>  <br>  <p id="result"></p></div><script>function calculateEMI() {  var principal = document.getElementById("principal").value;  var rate = document.getElementById("rate").value / (12 * 100);  var tenure = document.getElementById("tenure").value * 12;  var emi = (principal * rate * Math.pow(1 + rate, tenure)) / (Math.pow(1 + rate, tenure) - 1);  document.getElementById("result").innerHTML = "Your EMI is Rs. " + emi.toFixed(2) + ".";}</script>

Publish Your Post then View

Publish the post. Now your emi or laon calculator are ready to work. View your post. see the pic below👇

Put Loan Amount, Interest rate and loan Tenure than click on Calculate EMI.


As you can see already that adding loan calculator on your blogpost is very easy and short process. Once you have add loan calculator to your post now you may need to encourage your readers to try it out or you can add some share some fun facts about loans. You can make a site where this loan calculator will increase your reach.

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