Mahindra XUV 400 2024 – Image, Color, Review

Manindra introduce first all-electric SUV Mahindra XUV 400 EV. XUV 400 comes with cutting edge technology. Its famous for powerful features and thrilling performance. Fast performance is the key here for fun that set trends in EV industry. XUV 400 comes with in class cabin space that gives premium sporty look inside the car.

VariantOn-Road Price (Approx., in Lakhs)
Mahindra XUV400 EV EC Pro 34.5 kWhRs. 16.31
Mahindra XUV400 EV ECRs. 16.70
Mahindra XUV400 EV EL Pro 34.5 kWhRs. 17.61
Mahindra XUV400 EV EC Fast ChargerRs. 18.02
Mahindra XUV400 EV EL Pro DT 34.5 kWhRs. 18.23
Mahindra XUV400 EV EL Pro 39.4 kWhRs. 18.81
Mahindra XUV400 EV EL Pro DT 39.4 kWhRs. 19.02
Mahindra XUV400 EV EL Fast ChargerRs. 20.18
Mahindra XUV400 EV EL Fast Charger DTRs. 20.39

Mahindra XUV 400 On Road Price & Variant

Image credit – Mahindraelectricautomobile

Mahindra XUV400 EV EC

VariantEC (Electric) (Base Model)
Ex-Showroom PriceRs. 15,49,000
RTORs. 4,230
InsuranceRs. 1,00,603
OthersRs. 15,790
OptionalRs. 17,100
On-Road Price in New DelhiRs. 16,69,623*
EMIRs. 32,098/month

Mahindra XUV 400 EV EC Pro

VariantEC Pro 34.5 kWh (Electric)
Ex-Showroom PriceRs. 15,49,000
InsuranceRs. 66,281
OthersRs. 15,490
On-Road Price in New DelhiRs. 16,30,771*
EMIRs. 31,042/month

Mahindra XUV 400 EV EL Pro

VariantEV EL Pro (Electric)
Ex-Showroom PriceRs. 16,74,000
InsuranceRs. 70,752
OthersRs. 16,740
OptionalRs. 17,100
On-Road Price in New DelhiRs. 17,61,492*
EMIRs. 33,531/month

Mahindra XUV 400 EV EC Fast Charger

VariantEC Fast Charger (Electric)
Ex-Showroom PriceRs. 16,74,000
RTORs. 4,230
InsuranceRs. 1,06,446
OthersRs. 17,040
OptionalRs. 17,100
On-Road Price in New DelhiRs. 18,01,716*
EMIRs. 34,617/month

Mahindra XUV 400 EV EL Pro DT

VariantEL Pro DT (Electric)
Ex-Showroom PriceRs. 16,94,000
RTORs. 4,230
InsuranceRs. 1,07,381
OthersRs. 17,240
OptionalRs. 17,100
On-Road Price in New DelhiRs. 18,22,851*
EMIRs. 35,021/month

Mahindra XUV 400 EV EL Pro

VariantEL Pro (Electric)
Ex-Showroom PriceRs. 17,49,000
RTORs. 4,230
InsuranceRs. 1,09,952
OthersRs. 17,790
OptionalRs. 17,100
On-Road Price in New DelhiRs. 18,80,972*
EMIRs. 36,124/month

Mahindra XUV 400 EV EL Pro DT

VariantEV EL Pro DT (Electric)
Ex-Showroom PriceRs. 17,69,001
RTORs. 4,230
InsuranceRs. 1,10,887
OthersRs. 17,790
OptionalRs. 17,100
On-Road Price in New DelhiRs. 19,02,108*
EMIRs. 36,528/month

Mahindra XUV 400 EV EL Fast Charger

VariantEV EL Fast Charger (Electric)
Ex-Showroom PriceRs. 19,18,999
InsuranceRs. 79,516
OthersRs. 19,189
On-Road Price in New DelhiRs. 20,17,704*
EMIRs. 38,400/month

Mahindra XUV 400 EV EL Fast Charger DT

VariantEL Fast Charger DT (Electric) (Top Model) Most Selling
Ex-Showroom PriceRs. 19,39,000
InsuranceRs. 80,232
OthersRs. 19,390
On-Road Price in New DelhiRs. 20,38,622*
EMIRs. 38,000/month

XUV 400 EV Specifications

Body TypeSUV
Vehicle TypeElectric
Range456 KM
Maximum Torque310NM (nm@rpm)
Maximum Power148 BHP (bhp@rpm)
Battery Capacity34.5 kWh and 39.4 kWh
Seating Capacity5
Charging Time50 Minutes

Key features of Mahindra XUV 400

The Mahindra XUV 400 EV comes with a range of features that make it a compelling compact electric SUV option. Here are some of its key features:

Power Steering: the XUV400 electric vehicle comes with power steering. Power steering helps the driver to turn or maneuver the car easily and comfortably at a lower speed.

Power Windows Front: the car has power windows in the front, which can be operated at the touch of a button, adding to the convenience and comfort of the driver and front passenger.

Anti Lock Braking System (ABS): the Mahindra XUV400 EV comes equipped with an Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) that helps prevent wheel lock during braking, providing better control and stability on the road.

Air Conditioner: the car has an air conditioner that cools the cabin effectively, ensuring a comfortable ride, even in hot and humid weather conditions.

Driver Airbag and Passenger Airbag: the Mahindra XUV 400 comes with both driver and passenger airbags, providing additional safety in case of a collision.

Alloy Wheels: the alloy wheels not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the XUV 400, but also improve performance by reducing weight and increasing rigidity. This feature enhances the handling and performance of the vehicle, providing a smoother and more responsive driving experience.

Multi-function steering wheel: the multi-function steering wheel allows the driver to control various features of the vehicle, such as audio and phone controls, without taking their hands off the wheel. This feature enhances safety and convenience, allowing the driver to focus on the road ahead.

XUV 400 Interior

Electronic Multi -TripmeterDevice to Measure distance traveled by the vehicle. The trip meter Can reset at any point in the journey, making it possible to record the distance traveled in any part of the Journey.
Leather SeatsLeather Seats give luxury look inside the cabin.
Leather Steering WheelLeather steering wheel most durable steering wheel. Leather is suitable for hands of driver because its cover the sharp and rugged Steering wheels.
Digital ClockDisplays the time digitally, easy to read even for kids.
Glove CompartmentA Short compartment for miscellaneous storage that comes built into the dashboard of a car.
Hight Adjustable Driver SeatSuitable for every driver whether its shorter or Taller.

Additional Interior Features

Image credit – Mahindraelectricautomobile

All black interior, Illuminated Sunvisors with vanity mirrors (both window side), padded front armrest, console roof lamp, sunglass holder, padded front armrest with storage, bungee strap for stowage, supervision cluster with 8.9 centi-meter screen, instrument cluster with multi-colour Illumination.

Mahindra XUV 400 EV Mileage

XUV 400 EV has 39.4 kWh battery pack that gives 456 KM on a single charge. The range of the XUV400 varies depending on the specific model and battery size. The XUV400 is available with two different battery sizes: a 34.5 kWh battery and a larger 39.4 kWh battery.

34.5 kWh Battery pack375 KM/Charge
39.4 kWh Battery pack456 KM/Charge

Mahindra XUV400 Battery Specification

Battery Capacity34.5 kWh and 39.4 kWh
Battery TypeLithium-ion Battery
Charging Time50 Minutes with fast charger

Mahindra XUV 400 Colors

Arctic Blue, Everest White, Galaxy Grey, Napoli Black, Infinity Blue, Satin Copper, Napoli Black, Satin Copper, Galaxy Grey, Satin Copper, Infinity Blue, Satin Copper, Everest White, Satin Copper, Arctic Blue, Nebula Blue, Satin Copper, Nebula Blue.

Mahindra XUV400 EV On-Road Price (Estimated)

CityOn-Road Price (₹)
Noida16.31 – 20.39 Lakh
Ghaziabad16.31 – 20.39 Lakh
Gurgaon16.31 – 20.39 Lakh
Faridabad16.31 – 20.39 Lakh
Bahadurgarh16.31 – 20.39 Lakh
Sonipat16.31 – 20.39 Lakh
Manesar16.31 – 20.39 Lakh
Jhajjar16.31 – 20.39 Lakh


The Mahindra XUV 400 EV is all-electric SUV that was launched in January 2023. With a range of up to 456 KM, modern features, and a competitive price from 17 lakhs to 20 lakhs. XUV is good looking car that has a acceleration of 100 KM in just 8.3 seconds. Although its a good car but still you must do proper research from your side before making a decision to purchase.


What is the price of Mahindra XUV 400?

XUV 400 starting price is ₹16,83,058.

What is the range of Mahindra XUV 400 EV?

XUV 400 has a range of 456 KM/charge.

What is the on road price of Mahindra XUV400 (base model)

The EC electric is the base model of Mahindra XUV400. The price for base model is ₹16.31 Lakh

What is the On Road Price of Mahindra XUV400 EV (Top model)

The EL Fast Charger DT (Electric) is the top model of Mahindra XUV400. The price for top model is ₹19,39,000. Its also most selling model.

XUV 400 EV battery type

39.4 kWh lithium-ion battery.

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