Amo Brisk Electric Scooter Price 2024 | AMO Electric Brisk 2024

AMO Brisk Electric is an electric scooter making waves in India with its budget-friendly price tag and focus on practicality. Here’s a quick mention of what it offers:

Price: Starting at Rs. 66,000, the Brisk boasts affordability compared to many electric scooters in the market.

Variants: Currently available in a single variant, offering a simple and straightforward choice for buyers.

Amo Brisk Electric Scooter Price, Range

Amo Electric Brisk

  • Budget-friendly: Starting price attracts cost-conscious consumers.
  • Practical design: Lightweight and maneuverable for city commutes.
  • Range options: 75 KM or 100 KM+ caters to different commuting needs.

AMO Brisk Specification

Amo brisk electric scooter
Image credit | Google – AMO Mobility
Power249 W
Charging Speed6 Hours

AMO Electric Brisk Price

Amo electric brisk starts at Rs. 66,000, the brisk is available in single variants Brisk STD.

AMO Electric Brisk Price In Delhi

Ex-showroom priceRS. 66,000
InsuaranceRS. 35,36
RTO+Other chargesNA
On Road PriceRs. 69,635
Brisk STDRS. 69,635
EMIRS. 19,01

AMO Brisk Electric Key Features

  • Push button starts for effortless operation.
  • Tubeless tires for reduced puncture hassles.
  • Sleek alloy wheels for a modern aesthetic.

Safety Features

This scooter comes with safety features that for your confidence.

  • Anti-lock braking system (EABS)
  • Speed Control Switch
  • Anti-theft Alarm
  • Centralized locking system.
  • Engine On/Off switch
  • Side stand sensor.

Performance Enhancing Features


Power 249 W
Grade Ability 18 Degree
Motor TypeBrushless DC Motor

AMO Electric Scooter Battery price

AMO Electric does not explicitly list the price of its scooter batteries on its website. This suggests that the batteries are likely not sold separately and are instead replaced as part of the scooter’s service or warranty.

Amo Electric Brisk Color

Amo Electric comes in two different colors which will suit your personality.

Image | Google – AMO Mobility


Which country made the AMO electric scooter?

AMO Electric Bikes manufacturing in India.

Who is the owner of AMO electric scooter?

The noida-based company founder and MD Mr. Shushant Kumar.

What is the speed of the AMO electric scooter?

AMO Electric scooter’s top speed is 25KMPH.

Which electric scooter gives 300 km range?

Brisk EV’s Origin Pro will be the longest-range electric scooter in India. Vehicle speed would be 333 KM. The company soon launch this electric scooter.

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