Brisk EV Origin Pro: Comes with an impressive range of 333 km

Brisk EV Origin Pro
Image Source – Instagram

Brisk EV, a Hyderabad-based electric scooter company introduced the longest-range electric scooter Origin Pro. Brisk EV Origin Pro will have a range of 333 KM which will be the longest-range electric scooter in India, and will solve your range anxiety problem.

Brisk EV Origin Pro: Performance

Motor Power: Origin pro comes with a 4.8kWh battery pack that offers a whooping 5.5 W power.

Top speed: 85KMPH – Origin Pro offering exiting performance for riders who want a weekend adventure.

Acceleration of 0 – 40 km in 3.3 seconds – this quick acceleration allow for nimble maneuvering in traffic and confident overtaking.

Range 333 KM – this Impressive range allows for long distance travel without worrying about frequent charging.

Brisk EV Origin Pro: Key Features

Instrument Cluster: Brisk EV equipped with an instrument cluster with a 7-inch premium high-definition screen with a quick response system.

Two Battery Options: you can choose between a fix 4.8kWh or a combination of a fixed 4.8 kWh and a removable 2.1 kWh battery for a taste change.

Advanced Features

  • Digital screen connectivity: Origin Pro offers a touch-enabled digital display with Bluetooth connectivity for update and other features.
  • OTA Update: It helps to you tackle software issue remotely without need to go to the service center.
  • LED lights, alloy wheels, disc brakes, push-button start, keyless entry: these features are all present in the One, enhancing its style and functionality.

Origin Pro Price, And Launch Date

Origin Pro’s expected price is ₹1,20,00 – ₹1,40,000 This price includes Electric Vehicle Incentives. For actual price we have to wait until its launch in the EV market. The expected launch date is the end of this year.


Longest-range Indian scooter (333km) tackles range anxiety. Powerful 5.5kW motor & 0-40km in 3.3sec for zippy rides. Choice of 2 batteries (fixed 4.8kWh or combined 4.8kWh+2.1kWh).


What is the range of Brisk EV Origin Pro?

333 KM Impressive range allows for long distance travel without worrying about frequent charging.

What is the top speed of Origin Pro?

Origin Pro offering Top speed of 85KMPH for riders who want a weekend adventure.