Kinetic Green to Revive Luna In Electric Avtar Today

The expected price for Kinetic Luna Electric is Rs 70,000 - Rs 75,000 and it will be available in both B2B and B2C configurations.

Remember the beloved Luna moped that ran on Indian streets in the 70s and 80s? Get ready for an old memory ride with a modern twist – the Electric Luna. This electric model hits Delhi streets on February 7th, bringing back the classic design with eco-friendly technology.

E-Luna: Key Points

Kinetic green e-luna
  • Reservations start: January 26, 2024
  • Launch date: February 2024
  • Aiming for: 1 lakh units sold in FY 2024-25
  • Highly indigenous: Built in India (except battery cells)
  • Resurgence of a legend: Electric version of the iconic Luna moped.
  • Over 50 years later: Bringing back the Luna brand with a sustainable twist.

What to expect for kinetic Green E-Luna

Estimated at Rs 71,000-75,000, the e-Luna aims to be a budget-friendly choice for individuals and businesses alike. Ditch the fumes and noise. The electric motor offers a clean and quiet ride, reducing your carbon footprint.

Retaining the classic Luna design, the e-Luna is lightweight and maneuverable, perfect for daily commutes. With a 50 kmph top speed and 100km-150km range options (2/3 kWh battery), it caters to delivery personnel, offering efficiency and reach.

Supporting local manufacturing, everything but the battery cells is built in India.

Beyond the basics

For young people who like the old style, young men who want to save money, and environment-friendly companies, the Electric Luna is for you all. Kinetic Green thinks they can sell 100,000 of them next year because they believe so many people will like it.

Over 1,500 electric Lunas are already delivering stuff and seems that people love them. Do you want to try this cool mix of old-school style and modern electric power? We will let you know soon when you can get your e-Luna and how it rides. It might be the perfect fun and eco-friendly ride for you, and reminding you of the good old days.

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