Tesla Battery Cost: What You need to know in 2024

Tesla Battery’s Initial Cost can be higher than traditional gasoline cars and mainly for popular models like Model 3 with rear-wheel drive starting at around $40,000. Other EVs like the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Chevy Bolt EUV may be slightly more expensive, $45,000 and $29,000 respectively.

It is also a fact that EVs generally have a lower maintenance cost due to fewer moving parts compared to Gas cars. EV battery replacement costs can be expensive, however, Tesla and other manufacturers are required by law to provide an 8-year warranty covering battery replacement. But what would be the cost to change your ev battery outside the warranty period?

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Tesla Battery Sizes

It’s not right to look at your Tesla car’s range only, you should also consider the overall performance of your car. Tesla offers multiple battery sizes according to your needs.

Here are the options:

Standard Range: This is the most affordable option and a good choice for city drivers who make short trips and city errands.

Long Range: Go on the open road with confidence. This battery lets you go farther, perfect for weekend adventures.

Performance: This battery gives you awesome control on your Tesla cars. So that you can drive on corners like a professional driver. You feel like super control of your car.

Plaid (Model S Plaid only): Plaid crosses the limitations. Its extended range will make you free from range anxiety. With plaid, you will find breathtaking acceleration and luxury comfort, making every driver electrifying.

Keep in mind that bigger is not always better. Choose the battery according to your needs and budget. Who needs gas stations when you have a Tesla?

Battery SizeModelTrim
60 kWhModel 3Standard
75 kWhModel YLong
100 kWhModel XLong
100 kWhModel SPerformance

What battery does Tesla use?

Tesla Battery made from lithium-ion. Tesla battery hold a lot of energy, last a long time, and are reliable – making them perfect for electric vehicles. Tesla uses different types of lithium-ion battery that depends on the car model and where it is made. Some cells are bigger and some are small like AA batteries. Tesla now starting to use a different material called iron phosphate which is cheaper and lasts even longer.

  • key points:
  • Tesla uses lithium-ion batteries for their cars.
  • Different Models use different sizes and shapes of batteries.
  • Newer batteries use iron phosphate for longer life and lower cost.

How Long Will Your Tesla Battery Last?

Tesla batteries are specially built to have a longer lifespan. They come with a warranty that covers a certain number of miles or years (whichever comes first). Think of it like a running challenge with your Tesla.

For instance – Some older Teslas had a warranty of 8 years and 1,50,000 miles. Newer Models are slightly less ambitious and offer 8 years or 1,00,000 miles and still an impressive distance. How far your Tesla goes depends on how you keep it.

But don’t worry. Tesla batteries are tough so grab your key and put your Tesla on the road. Your Tesla is ready to take you on an electric adventure that will last for years to come.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Battery Cost
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Replacing a Tesla Model S Plaid battery outside warranty can be a little expensive. Ranging from $20,000 to $35,000. It is higher than gas car battery replacement. Tesla battery’s total cost depends on the module. Model S plaid uses 4-5 modules while the labor costs estimated range (from $500 – $2600). You also have refurbished batteries or third-party repair shops as alternators. They offer lower cost but you might have a quality compromise.

Tesla Model 3

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Model 3 Battery replacement? Get ready for a reality check. Tesla Battery pack for Model 3 can cost anywhere from $20,000 – $30,000. But the good news is that warranty details and extended coverage options can be the reason for your savings. Remember those are your best buds and with them, your electric journey will stay smooth and sweet.

Tesla Model Y

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Hey, Tesla family Your Model Y battery replacement could give a $28,000 shock to your wallet. Check your warranty details and extended coverage options to save your wallet from those shocks.

Can You Replace a Tesla Battery At Home?

Replacing a Tesla battery at home can be intricate and dangerous. That battery is like a live bomb and can explode anytime if you don’t know how to handle it carefully and properly. Tesla service centers are the best option, they have all the necessary tools and expertise to keep your electric heart pumping strong.

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