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Yulu Electric Bike Price starts from 55,000 ((ex-showroom), and goes to 1,00,000? We will break down the Yulu Bike Price structure, explaining its unique rent-as-you-go system and what to expect. Don’t worry, we will delve deeper into the bike’s features and availability, so you can make an informed decision before your electric journey.

Yulu Electric Bike Price

Yulu Electric has 5 models, and the price of all Yulu bikes given below

Model Ex-showroom price
Yulu Wynn XP55,555
Yulu DeX NVOn Rent
Yulu Miracle GR1,00,000 (Expected Price)
Yulu DeX GR1,00,000 (Expected Price)
Yulu Miracle CTOn Rent

Yulu Wynn XP

Image – Google – Yulu.bike

Wynn is the first personal electric scooter inaugurated by Yulu Mobility. The price starts for Yulu bike at RS 55,555 which later increases to RS 59,999, and the booking can be done Via the Yulu app. Yulu Wynn showcases a minimalist design, featuring a slender, step-through frame. It comes equipped with 12-inch wheels both at the front and rear, along with 110mm drum brakes, and is furnished with a telescopic fork and twin rear shocks.

Powering the Yulu Wynn is a 250W hub-mounted motor, boasting a claimed top speed of 24.9kmph. Its 0.9kWh battery promises a range of 68km according to the Indian Driving Cycle. Despite the relatively modest range, the scooter offers the flexibility of battery swapping, with the option to purchase a home charger as an additional accessory.

Yulu DeX NV

Image Credit | Google – Yulu bike

Looking for a smart and affordable way to make deliveries? Meet the Yulu DEX, a cool electric scooter designed just for gig workers like you. Here’s what makes it special:

  • No need for docking stations: Rent and return it anywhere, anytime.
  • Powerful and efficient: The electric motor helps you zip through traffic and save money on gas.
  • Big carrying capacity: The built-in carrier holds up to 15 kg of deliveries, so you can take on more orders.
  • Comfortable ride: Say goodbye to sore backs! The DEX is designed for long days on the road.
  • Safe for night deliveries: Bright lights keep you visible in the dark.
  • Phone holder: Keep your phone handy for navigation and deliveries.
  • With the Yulu DEX, you can work smarter, not harder. Start earning more today.

Yulu Miracle GR

Image Credit | Google – Yulu.bike

Looking for a stylish, comfortable, and convenient way to get around town? The Yulu Miracle GR, built in collaboration with Bajaj Auto, might be your perfect match! Here’s why:

Made for the City:

  • Lightweight and Nimble: Navigate busy streets with ease, feeling lighter than a scooter and faster than a bicycle.
  • Comfortable for Everyone: Enjoy a unisex design that works for any height and weight, ensuring a smooth ride.
  • 25 km/h Speed: Get where you need to be efficiently, perfect for commutes, errands, or leisure rides.

Smart and Connected:

  • Dockless Convenience: Rent and return the Miracle GR anytime, anywhere, no docking stations needed.
  • User-Friendly App: Control everything from your phone – booking, unlocking, and ending your ride seamlessly.
  • IoT Technology: Stay connected and enjoy a modern riding experience.

More Than Just Transportation:

  • Relaxing Rides: Unwind after a long day with a smooth, quiet ride.
  • Meet Up with Friends: Explore the city together with a comfortable and fun group ride.
  • Sustainable Choice: Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner city.

Yulu DeX GR

Image credit | Google – Yulu.bike

Tired of expensive fuel and uncomfortable deliveries? Say hello to the DeX GR, India’s first electric vehicle built specifically for making your last-mile deliveries a breeze.

Developed by Bajaj Auto and backed by Yulu’s expertise, the DeX GR is packed with features to make your job easier and more profitable:

Go green, save green: Ditch the gas and enjoy the cost savings of an electric vehicle.

Carry more, earn more: With a built-in carrier that holds up to 15 kg, you can take on bigger deliveries.

Comfort is key: Ride in comfort with an ergonomically designed seat and smooth handling.

Work longer, safer: Bright lights keep you visible even on late-night deliveries.

Smart technology: Track your deliveries, manage rentals, and stay connected with the built-in IoT system.

The DeX GR is more than just a vehicle, it’s your partner in productivity and profit. So why wait? Start delivering like a pro today!

Yulu Miracle Bike

Charging MethodTime-based
Base fareRs. 5 per ride
Additional chargeRs. 2.5 per minute (riding at 25 kmph)
Daily rental priceRs. 299 for 1 day, Rs. 299 per day + GST for 7 days or more
One Month ChargesRs. 2775 + GST
Yulu AppYulu

Specification Of Yulu Electric Bike

Price of the Yulu Miracle CT Electric Bike in India

Yulu Electric Bike Price
Image | Google – Wikipedia – ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA4.0)

e Yulu Miracle is an electric bike developed by the Bangalore-based startup, Yulu. It is a dockless, self-driving bike powered by state-of-the-art IoT technology. In this article, we will take a closer look at Yulu electric bike price and, the Yulu Miracle’s features, specifications, and availability in India.

  • The bike could be priced at around Rs. 30,000 to Rs 35,000
  • Yulu’s co-founder and CEO, Mr. Amit Gupta, said they aim to get the price down to $500 in the medium to long term with Bajaj Auto’s partnership
  • Currently, there is no option to purchase the Yulu Miracle in India, but it is available for rental through the Yulu App.
  • Yulu charges INR 10 for the first 30 minutes, and INR 5 extra for every 30 minutes that follow

Features of the Yulu Miracle Electric Bike

  • Smart dockless electrical bike powered by state-of-the-art IoT technology
  • Designed for urban traffic conditions with a maximum speed of 25 Km/h
  • Lightweight, faster than a bicycle, and lighter than a scooter
  • Unisex ultra-comfortable electrical bike for any height and weight
  • Comfortable Solo Seat
  • Unisex Chassis Design
  • Weatherproof LED Headlamp
  • AHO (Automatic Headlamp On)
  • Battery Charge Indicator
  • Universal Mobile Holder
  • Wrist Operated Bell
  • Waterproof Battery
  • Spacious Footboard
  • Self Locking Main Stand
  • Solid Rubber Tyres
  • Alloy Wheels

Specifications of the Yulu Miracle Electric Bike

  • Lithium-driven, dockless scooter
  • Battery swapping model capable of predicting vehicle production and computer learning, and artificial intelligence usage
  • Covers up to 5 kilometers
  • Battery indicator on the handlebar display
  • Equipped with a universal mobile holder and smart LED headlight
  • Footboard is specially designed to give more legroom
  • Ergonomically well-designed seat for a happy solo ride
  • Unisex frame is uniquely designed and custom-built for Indian road conditions

Yulu Electric Bike Price In Bangalore

The Yulu electric bike rental price in Bangalore is as follows:

  • Rs. 5 for 10 minutes
  • Rs. 15 for 30 minutes
  • Rs. 30 for 60 minutes


The Yulu Electric Bikes is an excellent option for those looking for a cost-effective, eco-friendly mode of transportation in urban areas. With its state-of-the-art IoT technology and lightweight design, it is perfect for short-distance commuting. You can book your Yulu Bikes from the Yulu App.

FAQ About Yulu Electric Bike

How much does Yulu Miracle cost?

The bike could be priced at around Rs. 30,000 to Rs 35,000, However, its not available to buy. You can just rentel it.

Can I buy Yulu Miracle?

Currently, there is no option to purchase the Yulu Miracle in India, but it is available for rental through the Yulu app

How much does Yulu bike cost per km?

The Yulu Miracle bike is charged based on time, not distance. Riding at 25 kmph, you cover 400 meters in 1 minute and will be charged Rs. 2.5 on top of the Rs. 5 base fare.

Yulu Bike Price for 1 Day.

The Yulu Miracle bike rental price for one day is Rs. 185. If you rent it for 7 days, it will cost Rs. 299 per day. Daily rental is calculated as the number of days multiplied by Rs. 299 plus extra GST.

Do I Need Driver license for Hulu Miracle E- Bike

You don’t need a driver’s license to ride on the Yulu Miracle electric bike

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